Earth and Space Science Informatics

Anatolii Chernov

Ph.D. student, geophysicist. Specialized in near-surface investigations. Familiar with GPR, ERT, magnetic, radiometric, seismic surveying. Professional interests: Geophysics for civil engineering, archaeology, geology, ecology; self-development. Hobbies: tourism, sport, collecting of minerals and rocks, interested in future-oriented technologies.

Boon of big data for geoscience investigations

The amount of digital data per person is rising with a geometric progression since 2009. According to the latest report of Oyster IMS, the digital universe will grow by a factor of 300 between 2005 and 2020: from 130 Exabytes to 40,000 Exabytes, or 40 trillion gigabytes (more than 5,200 gigabytes for every person in 2020). Earth sciences is one of the domains where huge volumes of data are collect ...[Read More]