Earth and Space Science Informatics

New ECS representative!

At the EGU ESSI division meeting, Christoph Stasch was elected as the new representative of the early career scientists in the ESSI division following Jennifer Roelens. Christoph works as research associate and consultant at 52°North, a non-profit research organisation in the field of applied geoinformatics. His focus is on simplifying the integration of sensors and processing modules (e.g. environmental simulation models) in spatial information infrastructures and GIS applications. As ESSI ECS representative, Christoph hopes to strengthen the network of ECS in the ESSI division. Interested in participating? Then get in touch with the network or Christoph directly.

Jennifer Roelens is PhD student in bio engineering at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium. Her main research interest is remote sensing, particularly LiDAR, and all its applications. Currently during her PhD, she is applying this knowledge to extract ditches and their characterises which can be a breakthrough for facilitating hydrological modelling.

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