Climate: Past, Present & Future


Dead Sea – lively stories of the past

Dead Sea – lively stories of the past

The Dead Sea is dead. Nothing can live there except for specialized microbes. The water with a salinity multiple times higher than seawater prevents a colonization by higher life forms. However, it does not prevent the input of organic material that can tell us stories about the past. A unique sediment record The Dead Sea, located at the lowest elevation on Earth – currently about 430 m below sea ...[Read More]

A Climate Modeling Workshop in the South of France!

Climate and its effects on the past, present and future of the human race is a heated, topic of debate these days. There are many competing interests at stake from governments and politicians to the big oil and energy companies of the world to the scientists trying to work on climate change problems to the people of the world most acutely affected by these changes on the Earth we live. Thus, I thi ...[Read More]