Climate: Past, Present & Future

Jennifer D Stanford

Jennifer Stanford coordinates the EGU Climate: Past, Present and Future division blog, together with the EGU Climate: Past, Present and Future division blog team. She is a lecturer in Physical Geography at Swansea University, UK, and is a researcher in Palaeoceanography. In particular, her research focuses on the reconstruction of North Atlantic surface and deep water circulation changes in response to freshwater additions during the extreme and abrupt coolings that punctuated Northern Hemisphere climate during glacial cycles; so-called Heinrich Events. Jenny uses a combination of multi-proxy evidence from marine sediment cores, from the anlaysis of microfossils through to the measurements of the physical properties of the sediment, to piece together causal relationships in regional and global signals.

Welcome to the world of climate: past, present and future!

Just like the Earth’s ocean-climate system itself, the climate of climate science is ever evolving and changing, both politically and scientifically. On the 21st of December 1872, HMS Challenger set sail from Portsmouth on a three year long voyage of discovery. The pioneering work that happened during those intrepid months aboard, laid the foundations for the climate science that happens tod ...[Read More]