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Image of the Week — slush on top of sea ice

Image of the Week — slush on top of sea ice

Many glaciologists look forward to going on fieldtrips and then, once they are back, they make us dream by posting breathtaking photos (like THIS or THIS or THIS). However, the reality of the field can sometimes be very different….

The picture illustrates how difficult it can be to work on sea ice when the snow on top of it starts to melt and forms slush (a mixture of snow and liquid water that looks very much like an Italian granita).

Here, the sled carrying the field equipment is half drowned in the slush while the technician who came to the rescue (with his skidoo in the back) is also sunk.

On this blog post you can read about another expedition of M. Kotovitch on sea ice:


Emma is a post-doc at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Marine and Polar Research in Germany, using geophysics to investigate ice dynamics in East Antarctica. She completed her Ph.D. at The British Antarctic Survey and University of Cambridge earlier this year and is interested in all things icy and geophysical. She was lucky enough to be involved in fieldwork for the iSTAR Antarctica project and tweets as @emma_c_smith

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