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Dinosaur Britain airs tonight!

A fantastic new series on Dinosaurs of the British Isles airs tonight on ITV! It stars Dean Lomax, a professional palaeontologist based pretty much everywhere in the UK. It seems to be based off a book of his, published via Siri Press. I’ve seen a copy, and it’s pretty much the best illustrated guides to dinosaurs ever. Here’s a preview below, so at 9pm GMT, kick off your shoes, get the snacks ready and crack open a cold one, because it promises to be awesome!

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Jon began university life as a geologist, followed by a treacherous leap into the life sciences. He spent several years at Imperial College London, investigating the extinction and biodiversity patterns of Mesozoic tetrapods – anything with four legs or flippers – to discover whether or not there is evidence for a ‘hidden’ mass extinction 145 million years ago. Alongside this, Jon researched the origins and evolution of ‘dwarf’ crocodiles called atoposaurids. Prior to this, there was a brief interlude were Jon was immersed in the world of science policy and communication, which greatly shaped his views on the broader role that science can play, and in particular, the current ‘open’ debate. Jon tragically passed away in 2020.


  1. What was the name of the velociraptor in part 1 (was it Nephites) my hearing is not that good., and what was the name if the small hedge-tooth dinosaur in part 2 (was it icaridon)

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      Hey Mike, the little dromaeosaurid cousin of Velociraptor was Nuthetes. The other one might have been Iguanodon? Although that one wasn’t that small.. Was it a predator or a herbivore?

      Hope that helps a bit!

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