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Diamonds aren’t Forever

Boom & Bust in the Namib Desert   Namibia is mostly desert. Like its neighbour South Africa, the country was gifted with diamond-bearing Kimberlites. The Sperrgebiet (or “forbidden territory”), where the diamonds are concentrated, is strictly off-limits to the public. Namibia’s natural resources have played an important role in shaping the development of this inhospitable landscape. ...[Read More]

Friday Photo (80): Wildlife in the Field – Lizard on Dolomite

A lizard basks on top of a very uncomfortable looking dolomitised grainstone. This dolomitised layer is part of a sequence of platform carbonates that formed 550 million years ago. Only some of the layers are dolomitised, and it is unclear whether the dolomite is primary, or formed secondarily, possibly as a result of Mg-rich fluids flowing along small faults. (c) Geology for Global Development 20 ...[Read More]