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GfGD at #EGU2013: Day two

Here is an insight into what the GfGD team got up to on day two of #EGU2013! c Geoethics and Natural Hazards This morning saw sessions on ‘Geoethics and Natural Hazards’ that contained plenty of enthusiastic discussion on the L’Aquila case. Joel Gill, GfGD’s Director was there bright and early and covered the session on Twitter: Keep up with all of the GfGD team at #EGU2013 ...[Read More]

Guest Blog: From the President of the International Association for Geoethics

Prof. Jesús Martínez-Frías is the head of the planetology and habitability department in the ‘centro de astrobiologica’ in Madrid. He is also the new president of the International Association for Geoethics (IAGETH). We did a short piece promoting another geoethics organisation in December, and here Jesús elaborates on the history and significance of geoethics… Although Geoethics ...[Read More]

The International Association for Promoting Geoethics

As geoscientists we have to consider the human impact of the decisions we make throughout our careers. There are many circumstances that require us to  consider and discuss the ethical code of our profession. Developing the necessary soft skills and creating a forum for the discussion of ethical issues is one of the aims of Geology for Global Development. The International Association for Promotin ...[Read More]