Geology for Global Development


Blog Competition (1st Prize) – Robin Wylie: Hydro in India, a Dark Side to the Green Solution

For our Blog Competition 2013, we asked for people to submit articles addressing one of two topics. Robin’s article on the recent floods in Utttarakhand State, India, won first prize in its category. Robin Wylie studied geophysics at the University of Edinburgh, and then spent some time working at a volcanic observatory in Hawaii before starting his Master’s in Earth and Atmospheric Physics ...[Read More]

Big River Rising: a Tale of Seasonal Flooding in Manila

To highlight the importance of Christian Aid’s disaster risk reduction (DRR) work, partly funded by the UK government, the charity produced an interactive web documentary called Big River Rising, which demonstrates the importance of science in helping Filipino slum dwellers cope with the seasonal flooding that regularly destroys their shantytown homes. The web documentary was shot during the drama ...[Read More]