Geology for Global Development

EGU 2014

#EGU2014: Cleaning with Coffee

We’re drinking an enormous amount of coffee in Vienna this week, but the residues at the bottom of the cafetière usually end up in the bin. Kalliopo Fotopoulou, from the University of Patras in Greece, has found a way to transform that residue into something far more useful. Baking coffee residues in an oven changes them into a carbon rich “biochar”, which can be added to soils t ...[Read More]

#EGU2014: Bright Sparks in Dirty Thunderclouds

Lightning bolts formed in dirty thunderclouds could help geologists to detect explosive volcanic eruptions. Volcanic lightning is very poorly understood, but Corrado Cimarelli, from the University of München, has been able to reproduce the phenomena in his laboratory. Volcanic lightning is broadly similar to lightning in thunderclouds, but the addition of ash makes the process more complex. Volcan ...[Read More]

GfGD at EGU 2014 – Splinter Meeting Reminder

If you are currently at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna, why not come and say hello to the GfGD team TOMORROW (Thursday 1st May 10:30-12:00) in Room R10. (Please feel free to copy and share this image via Twitter/Facebook)

#EGU2014: Google Research

Earth Engine is a tool produced by the developers at Google to help scientists process the numerous satellite images taken of the Earth over the past thirty years.   Short videos are available online to give you some idea how this tool could be used. One shows the expansion of Las Vegas, and the accompanying drop in nearby lake levels, another the effects of coal mining in Wyoming. But you can zoo ...[Read More]