So you want to make a podcast….

So you want to make a podcast….

Have you ever wanted to set up your own science podcast?  I have been running the Geology Bites podcast now for almost a year and I have often been asked what it takes to set up your own podcast. Here are some of my top tips on what’s involved, the challenges I faced, and how I overcame them. Choose your podcast topic. If there’s one essential step, it’s that you choose a topic you’re fascinated b ...[Read More]

GeoTalk: Will Morgan on podcasts and polluting the internet

This week in GeoTalk, we’re talking to Will Morgan, atmospheric scientist, podcaster and the blogger behind Polluting the Internet… You recently joined the EGU blog network, but you’ve been writing for a while now. What got you blogging? I guess the ultimate reason is that I enjoy talking about science! I’ve been involved with a number of science communication activities for a few years and ...[Read More]