Photo Competition at the General Assembly: the finalists!

The selection committee received close to 300 photos for this year’s EGU Photo Competition, in most areas covered by Union’s activities. The stunning finalist photos are below. Do you have a favourite? Vote for it! The photos are exhibited in Hall X (basement, Blue Level) of the Austria Center Vienna, where you will also find voting terminals. The results will be announced on Friday 27 ...[Read More]

Imaggeo on Mondays: A rock and a hard place

Rocks within the Earth are constantly being subjected to forces that bend, twist, and fracture them, causing them to change shape and size. This process is known as deformation. Polyphase deformation occurs over time when rocks are affected, or stressed, by more than one phase of deformation. Geomorphologist Amirhossein Mojtahedzadeh captured this stunning scene whilst on field work. “This p ...[Read More]

Monday at the 2012 General Assembly

Welcome to the 2012 General Assembly! This is the first full day of sessions, including many of interest to all Union members. Be sure to complement this information with EGU Today, the daily newsletter of the General Assembly, available both in paper and for download here. Of particular importance today is the Union’s Plenary Meeting (UM8) at 12:15 in Room D, a forum for all Assembly attend ...[Read More]

Geosciences Information for Teachers (GIFT) at the 2012 General Assembly

The EGU’s Geosciences Information for Teachers (GIFT) programme offers teachers the opportunity to hone their skills in EGU related subject areas. As one of GIFT’s most important activities, the General Assembly Workshop is organised annually and combines presentations on current research by leading scientists with hands-on activities presented by educators to roughly one hundred invit ...[Read More]