GeoTalk: meet Freija Mendrik, researcher of microplastics pollution in coral reefs!

Freija Mendrik

Hi Freija. Thank you for joining us today! Could you tell our readers a bit about yourself before we dive in? Hi Simon, thanks for inviting me! I’m a marine scientist based in the UK specialising in microplastic pollution but my work has taken me across many different disciplines from physical geography to ecotoxicology. Recently my research has focused on trying to understand what impacts the tra ...[Read More]

GeoTalk: meet David Fernández-Blanco, your new Union-level Early Career Scientist Representative!

David Fernández-Blanco

Hello David. Thank you for agreeing to this interview! To break ground, could you tell our readers about yourself and your career background? Hi Simon. It’s my pleasure, thank you for inviting me. Well, I’m a Spanish “tectonicist” and I’ve been lucky to work in great institutions all over Europe; Amsterdam, Paris, Zürich, London, and Barcelona, where I live now… ...[Read More]

Do changes in Arctic climate variability severely impact migratory birds?

Do changes in Arctic climate variability severely impact migratory birds?

Changes in Arctic climate variability and extremes may have significant impacts for migratory birds, according to a study presented at EGU23 by Nomikos Skyllas, a PhD student from the University of Groningen. Many species cross continents during their seasonal migration patterns, travelling from as far as Africa and South America to northern regions such as Siberia and the Canadian Arctic. If you’ ...[Read More]

Meet our EGU23 Communications Team!

Meet our EGU23 Communications Team!

Everything you see and hear about EGU’s upcoming General Assembly EGU23 is carefully created, designed and posted by our talented communications team! That’s right, this team – our fabulous four if you will – works diligently behind the scenes to manage our social media, blogging and the press conferences. These interns and volunteers are going to be assisting EGU Media and ...[Read More]