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EGU: GfGD Schedule Highlights

GfGD will be bringing some of the latest research to you from Europe’s biggest Earth Science conference, the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2013. Joel Gill (Director) and Rosalie Tostevin (Blog Manager) will be out in Vienna listening to talks and reporting back via the blog.

The schedule for EGU is jam packed, and here we highlight just a few of the key sessions:


Monday 8th April

Session NH9.12 – Modelling Dangerous Phenomena

Session NH9.7 – Resilience and Vulnerability Assessment in Natural Hazards and Risk Analysis

Session EOS 4 – Modern Climate Science Education and Communications

Press Conference: The Impacts of Climate Change


Tuesday 9th April

Session NH9.8 – Geoethics and Natural Hazards: The Role and Responsibility of Geoscientists

Session HS7.3 – Water, Climate and Health

Session NH3.11 – Landslide Hazard and Risk Assessment (including a presentation by GfGD University Groups Officer, Faith Taylor).


Wednesday 10th April

Session NH5.6 – Early Warning Systems for Tsunamis and Other Natural Hazards

Session CL2.2 – Climate Change Impacts on African Urban Areas

Press Conference: Climate, Water and Soils: How do They Affect Human Health?

Press Conference: Disaster Risk Management

Evening: If you are on twitter and want to meet the people behind the tweets, sign up to the EGU tweetup!


Thursday 11th April

Session NH5.1 – Tsunami

Session EOS 7 – Geoethics and Geoeducation (includes GfGD talk by Joel Gill)

Session NH9.3 – The Costs of Natural Hazards

Session EOS12 – Blogs and Social Media in Scientific Research

Press Conference: Precursors: the Search for Alternative Earthquake Prediction Methods

Press Conference: Air Quality and Urban Air Pollution


Friday 12th April

Session HS4.1 – Flash Floods: from Observations to Risk Governance

Session SM3.6 – Induced Seismicity: Theory and Observation



We’d love to know the topics that interest you (leave a comment on the blog!) so that we can try and include relevant sessions in our schedule.

Also check out the EGU blog feed, they have articles highlighting events for young geoscientists at EGU and networking opportunities.

Rosalie was the Himalayas Programme Officer for Geology for Global Development and writer for the GfGD blog. She is a geochemist and a postdoc at the University of Oxford.