Become a book reviewer for the EGU newsletter!

Interested in free books and getting published? The European Geosciences Union has an opportunity for you…

The Union’s newsletter, GeoQ, is a magazine distributed for free to all Union members – that’s around 12,000 scientists – and we’re looking for reviewers wiling to write short book reviews for it!

Whether you are a young scientists or an established researcher in the Earth, planetary and space sciences, we would love to hear from you.  Reviewers will receive the books free of charge and their work will be published in the newsletter, accompanied by their name and a short biography. It’s an ideal opportunity for scientists with a flair for science writing interested in seeing their texts published in a newsletter with a wide readership – and, of course, there are the free books!

GeoQ, the EGU’s newsletter

Contact GeoQ’s Chief Editor, Bárbara Ferreira, at if you are interested in reviewing books for the newsletter, or if you have any questions about this opportunity. Please also inform Bárbara about your areas of expertise – you can check the list of EGU Divisions for reference.

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