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Job Opportunities – Some Inspiration!

Geology for Global Development’s Education and Careers Officer, Marc Leach, highlights some top job opportunities for February. Even if you are not able to apply for these particular jobs right now, it can be helpful to learn more about the many career paths that are open to you as a geoscientist. Looking at job adverts can be a big inspiration and might just give you some motivational fuel for the upcoming summer (exam!) term.


Disaster Risk Management (WASH) Project Manager- Haiti

Role: To plan, develop, monitor and evaluate the assigned project(s), providing technical support, leadership and strategic direction, as well as meeting quality standards, encouraging beneficiary participation, liaising with other stakeholders and managing and training staff. They are responsible for (re)assessing community needs, designing projects, writing proposals and initiating and effectively managing and reporting on projects in line with the objectives, timeframe and budget.

Requirements: Some project Management experience, English and French, Higher level education

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WASH Project Manager

Role: To plan, develop, monitor and evaluate the assigned WASH project(s). Assess WASH needs, design projects, write proposals and initiate and effectively manage and report on projects in line with the objectives, timeframe and budget. Provide technical support, leadership and strategic direction; meet quality standards in WASH delivery, encourage beneficiary participation, liaise with other stakeholders and manage and train WASH staff.

Generic Field Vacancies are based in a capital city or main field base in one of our programmes in Afghanistan, Chad, D.R. Congo, Haiti, Madagascar, Somalia / Somaliland, South Sudan, Syria or Zimbabwe.

Requirements: BSc / MSc in Water / Environmental Engineering or Management or Civil Engineering or Hydrology / Geology desirable

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We are also accepting applications for a one week GfGD easter placement with CAFOD, look out for more information in Wednesday’s blog post!

Rosalie was the Himalayas Programme Officer for Geology for Global Development and writer for the GfGD blog. She is a geochemist and a postdoc at the University of Oxford.

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  1. Young geoscientists searching for jobs might be interested in the new “How to apply for a job” session at the upcoming EGU General Assembly (7-12 April, Vienna). More information from this website,, soon.

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