29th November: EGU deadline for Support Applications

Are you planning on attending and presenting your work at the next EGU in 2014? Do you know you might benefit from financial support that may include a waiver of the registration fee, a refund of the Abstract Processing Charge, and support for travel expenditures? You can find all the information here:

If you think you are entitled for such support don’t be shy to apply. But, in order to be eligible you should submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation, on which you are first author, by 29th November 2013! Programme groups and session are online; these are the proposed seismology sessions:

The first post

Hi all,


Welcome to the European Geosciences Union young seismologist blog – Seismoblog. This is a new website dedicated to the young researchers within the EGU Seismology Division. It is my honour to be the Young Scientist Representative within this division for the next couple of months. Following discussions with the President of the Seismology Division, Charlotte Krawczyk, we have decided to set up this blog to promote the talents of young seismologist and to serve as a gateway for students to communicate with the division.

I would like to introduce myself briefly. I am Matthew Agius, 31 years old, and hail from the island of Malta. I have just finished my Ph.D. studies I undertook at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. My studies there focused about the structure and dynamics of the lithosphere beneath Tibet using seismic surface-wave analysis.

Till next post, take care.Have a look at the different sections available on this website and please consider registering.



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